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Saturday, July 7, 2012


Thinking of the future...

I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do with my life. Do I want to pursue writing as a career? Maybe I'd like to try modeling? Or Psychology? Teaching? I'm struggling with what my calling in life is- what I'm good at. It's difficult to figure out what would be best to create the life I want for myself and for my future family. I'm worried about the future, honestly. I want a decent amount of money, a nice house, happy kids, and maybe even a strong marriage. I want the "American Dream." Is that so crazy? I worry a lot about the future of this country, as well as the world. It's not just about me. So much has changed since my parents were kids. I feel like the world is only getting worse as we go. We're in debt, technology is taking over, kids are growing up so much faster these days. Not to mention crime rates, wars, the possiblility of nuclear bombs being used, and terrorist threats. I don't want my kids to grow up in an age even more based on material possesions than we are today. I want them to grow up in a world where they can ride their bikes down the street and play... just be KIDS. 
I'm a worrier so maybe that's what all of this is but, I have to tell you, all of this worrying is EXHAUSTING. I'm sick of people arguing over whether or not we use birth control or allow women the option to an abortion or if we should allow gay marriage. There are bigger issues than you forcing your ideals down people's throats. There are bigger issues than whether or not two people in love can be married just because YOU think it's wrong. Honestly, if you aren't gay, you don't have to get married to someone of the same sex; if you don't believe in birth control, don't use it; if you don't want an abortion, don't get one. DON'T INFRINGE ON OTHERS. They have the right to get married to who they want, have kids when they want, and get an abortion if that's what they think is right in their situation. The world we live in is more worried about what their neighbor is doing than what's right for THEM to do.